What is Metatronic Energy? Utilising the Tools of Archangel Metatron

Transformational Metatronic Energy

Metatronic Energy is the healing and transformative energy that is on the vibratory frequency of Archangel Metatron.

Metatronic Energy takes the form of sparkling white light. We use it as a tool. We can consciously direct and work with the energy by imagining this beautiful, divine, sparking white diamond light. This energy is of the highest light and brings what is needed at this time, both for the planet and for ourselves personally.

We can use Metatronic Energy by visualising sending it to people, entire situations, and ourselves, including our physical bodies. It is a meditation tool, a healing energy and a means to connect to Metatron.

When we first work with Metatron, and for some time after, he is most concerned with bringing sparkling Metatronic Energy into four specific areas: the reproductive area, the spine, the heart and the brain. These areas are the regions that most need specific upgrading to the Metatronic Energy frequency and, thus, to the highest frequencies of light. Just visualising these areas being immersed in sparkling white light can bring great transformation.

Connecting to Metatron and to Metatronic Energy can help with the following:

  • increased wellbeing
  • more joy
  • less stress
  • more flow
  • peace and calm
  • better physical health
  • more ease and faster manifestations
  • magical outcomes from previously difficult situations
  • transformed relationships
  • divine life alignment and being in life purpose
  • feeling safer, less fearful and confident
  • more grounded feeling
  • positive changes
  • balanced energies

At first, connecting to Metatronic Energy may not feel very strong. It is in the repetition that the strength of the connection builds. If you feel drawn to connecting to Metatronic Energy, it is best to start with daily connection for three months, then see how you feel.

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About the Author:

Kristin Taylor is a professional intuitive, spiritual teacher and channel based in London, UK.