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“[Four months on] There is still some [back] pain [after one session], so I am not completely healed. But I’ve seen dramatic changes. I no longer roll around on the floor to ease the pain. I can sit at my desk for hours. When I go to the gym, I really go for it…And I fear less. I’m learning that as long as I listen to my body, I can do more physical things. Everyone else who has treated my back tried to tackle the physical problem. But Taylor tackled the psychological issue, and it has had lasting consequences. I hadn’t realised how strong the link is between mind and body.”

Medical Intuition

Kristin can sense energy imbalances and stuck emotions in the body which can be the cause of physical ailments. She balances these energies to help the client achieve better health.

She has extensively studied the energy patterns that often manifest in diseases and illnesses and also has trained in anatomy and physiology. She has many years of experience working with physical issues and many success stories.

Many of Kristin’s clients have been unsuccessful with conventional medical although this is not always the case.

Her clients have experienced relief from many physical ailments including:

Bladder pain (chronic for several years)

Asthma (100% healing confirmed by doctor)


Wrist pain following a car accident

Food intolerances and allergies


Back pain


Low sex drive

High sex drive


Alcohol addiction/binge drinking

Hangover relief

Looking younger (“energetic Botox”)

Clients often obtain complete relief from the ailment; however, this is due to many factors including the client’s openness to heal and move on. Kristin’s work is complementary in nature and does not replace medical care. She cannot guarantee any results.

“My peers no longer recognize me because I look ten years younger, thanks to your ‘energetic Botox’ sessions. I met with my high school friends and they couldn’t believe their eyes. They all wanted to know my secret. Thanks also for working with me to heal chronic back pain, muscle pain, earaches and colds. I am eternally grateful!”

ML, Entrepreneur

“Thank you Kristin for the work you did for me on my bout of shingles, your intuitive skills are second to none. My whole being is resonating with the vibrational changes that have taken place and I really look forward to what’s next! Thank you so much.”

MR, Holistic Practitioner

“I have suffered with chronic & extremely uncomfortable bladder problems for over 2 years before I found Kristin. I have been seen [by doctors] privately and various solutions (some intrusive) have been tried, with no success. Few sessions with Kristin, and I am now experiencing a normal bladder again! Best money I’ve ever spent! She’s amazing as far as I am concerned.”

YE, Life Coach