New Year’s Resolutions – Power Intentions for 2018

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New Year’s Resolutions Set Your Power Intentions for 2018 I usually set intentions rather than resolutions because it sounds better to me to set an intention. It sounds stronger. Also, with these intentions, there is no need to be any more specific. Here are my intentions: I intend to be 100% in my Highest Good. [...]

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Your Own Personal Flow of the Universe

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Did you know that you have your own personal flow of the universe? When you are advised to get in the "flow of the universe" by spiritual teachers, it actually means getting into your own personal flow. This is also known as being aligned to your highest good or your soul's path. To align to [...]

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Staying Aligned

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At this moment, Lightworkers and those on the spiritual path are being called to stay grounded, centered and aligned as much of the time as possible. We are just about to transition to a higher vibration, and many of us still are being "pulled" to stay in the old vibration. This can be especially challenging [...]

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