The primary reason that many modern women have imbalanced feminine energy is due to fear. They are afraid of letting their guard down, of being open, of being vulnerable and of not being “strong.” They hold too much masculine energy in an effort to be tough, take care of themselves and to not get hurt.

Masculine energy traditionally has been associated with strength. It is common for little girls to seek to grow up to be strong, emulating the masculine strength of their fathers and brothers. Many films depict superhero women as running around fighting and acting rather masculine. The more a female character acts like a man, the sexier she is depicted.

In some cultures, such as in the United States, it is seen as very desirable for a woman to be aggressive, quite tough and independent to the point that she does not need anyone else. In many regions of America, women are preoccupied with “proving their strength” by, for example, trying to lift heavy objects on their own and driving large trucks. To a certain extent, it is all part of the cowgirl spirit, but that does not mean that it is completely healthy.

Of course, I am not trying to say that women should sit around in flowery skirts and drink tea all day. The challenge of this topic is to convey the ideas and energies without overly generalizing or stereotyping.

I believe that uniquely feminine strength is often overlooked. It is receptive and yet powerful at the same time. It is different than a man’s strength, but just as strong nonetheless.

It will never feel comfortable for a woman to wear the mask of masculine strength because it does not suit the goddess energy. It is best for women to let go of fear and to connect to feminine strength, while allowing balance, receptiveness and flow.

We can do this by connecting to the goddess archetype of the universe, the divine mother, and invoking her energy during meditation. We do this in my Feminine Energy Balancing meditation.

There also is a recording of the online event, Aligning with the Divine Feminine available for purchase.