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Psychologies magazine, August 2011

Evening Standard magazine, October 2009

Client Referrals

“I felt so good that I floated home.”

Kim Willis, Psychologies Magazine

“Kristin’s work is miraculous. After just one treatment I experienced shifts that I could only dream of. Troubling issues that I’d been unable to work though in any other way were released. I left feeling light and energised and a couple of weeks later I’m happier than ever. I love Kristin’s lighthearted and compassionate approach, as she playfully and painlessly brings light to any issues. Best of all, Kristin knows what I need to work on the most, without me having to think about it. I’m grateful from the bottom of my heart to finally have found the relief, support and guidance that I’ve been looking for. I have Kristin to thank for a new positive perspective on life.”

Lisa, Writer, London

“You are an Angel on this earth. Thanks for bringing your incredible awareness of our purpose, truth and existence to me. I am lost for words. My comedy has been trapped inside me. After our session, it has returned. You have cleared so much. You’re what I would call a miracle worker. Thanks Kristin. Sending blessings that you continue to be able to give your gift to as many people that need it as possible!”

Brian, Film Consultant, Tel Aviv

“I worked with Kristin to find a new man.  I had been single for years.  Within a couple of weeks, I met a man that matched everything I wanted– literally.  Now I am in love! I highly recommend Kristin for healing.  I always feel fantastic after a session with her.”

Debra Scrivener, Textile Designer, London

“Thank you Kristin for the work you did for me on my bout of shingles, your intuitive skills are second to none. My whole being is resonating with the vibrational changes that have taken place and I really look forward to what’s next! Thank you so much.”

Maureen, Energy Healer

“Overall feeling 100% different than before our sessions.  My reality has changed!  So many thanks and much appreciation to you.”

Dora, Massage Therapist, London

“I am so grateful that I found Kristin.. I had been having severe  longstanding 24/7 physical issues that the medical community could not resolve. I didn’t really want to be here anymore if i’m honest. It felt as though Kristin was my last hope.  I have had a lot to cope with in my life, and I truly did not think it was possible to be physically well and really enjoy life, but I am there! Life just gets better and better! Kristin is the most amazing healer and creates a very safe space in which to work. ”

Yolanda, Business Owner, Fleet

“Kristin conducted a healing session on me at a time when I really needed it. I was feeling a bit lost and out of sorts, and couldn’t seem to shake some negative thoughts.  Kristin explained everything that would happen, and periodically checked to ensure that I was comfortable. The healing was extremely cathartic. Kristin is so tuned into your psyche during the session, and I learned a lot about myself.  I highly recommend it.”

Martina, Entrepreneur, London

“I met Kristin whilst I was going through a very difficult period in my life and had weekly sessions.  She helped me through the process of getting divorced and coming out of an abusive relationship.  I found Kristin’s approach to be non-judgemental,  understanding and proactive. I highly recommend Kristin and the healing modalities she practises.  God bless.”

Hardik, Investment Banker & Charity CEO, London

“I highly recommend Kristin as a healing practitioner. She is warm, empathetic, caring and conscientious. After a session with her, I feel relaxed and positive. I wish I could go to her every day! She is lovely!”

Melinda, Solicitor/Attorney, Georgia, USA

“I can’t tell you how grateful and pleased I am that you did this for me. The word thank you could never come close to how I feel. What was said was totally true to my life. I don’t understand how this is done, but it is unmistakable.”

Deana, Insurance Broker, Colorado, USA

“Kristin has an amazing ability to pinpoint exactly what is going on.  Thanks to my sessions with Kristin, I am now healthier and happier.  Also, she was able to clear trauma from my past.  I highly recommend Kristin for all kinds of healing-  physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.”

Ann, Business Owner, Colorado, USA