Connecting with the Archangels Online Course 2017-12-20T11:39:33+00:00

Channeling Level 1:

Connecting with the Archangels


During the course you will be shown step-by-step guidance for connecting to the energy of

Archangels Metatron, Michael, Raphael, and Jophiel

You will learn how invoke their assistance in various situations. The techniques will enable you to recognise the energy signatures of each angel and to work with their unique energies as transformational tools for your life, spiritual growth and Ascension.

This course is the first course in a series of angel classes. It is a prerequisite for training in channelling with Kristin. No previous experience is required. The course will include theory and around 75% practical experience. Each week there will be short daily homework to complete in your own time.


Recognise and connect to your own energy

Bring angelic energy into your life

Keep up the connection to the angels on your own

Learn techniques to safely and predictably connect to the angels on your own for meditation, healing and guidance.

Grounded, practical approach

Start to recognise each archangel’s energy signature

Use transformational archangel energy for your life, spiritual growth and Ascension

Learn which of these angels to call on for certain situations

Begin your training as a channel of light

Bring more joy and bliss into your life

Access angelic wisdom

Upgrade your energy and your life

Helps you to lighten your energies and assist you with Ascension

Great for psychic development

Excellent for healers, Lightworkers and sensitive people!

Kristin has been channelling and connecting with angels for over 15 years. Her main guide is Archangel Metatron; however, she works with many angels. Her balanced, grounded and practical approach comes from her previous career as a corporate lawyer.